Inflict Damage in Our Adrenaline-Filled Arenas

The Castle Field

Come get some action in our fully playable 2-story castle!

Airball Field

Step into the arena for an exhilarating, fast-paced,
kill or be killed competition of skill on two adrenaline-filled fields!

Welcome to the Thunderdome. 

HYPER Farm Field

Paintball has breathed new life into abandoned farm machinery
and makes the perfect battleground for recreational players

Fort Field

Welcome to our largest combat zone,
tactics and strategy at play.

Black Ops or Blitzkrieg?

Lost Woods Field

The hunter or the hunted; which are you?
This field provides for a tactful game of domination.
Stage your ambush or defend your base… which do you choose?

Under Construction

The heart pumping adrenaline rush you get playing speedball…
on a retro battlefield (bam)

Under Construction

Looking for a taste of urban warfare? Get your fix in suburbia.
Choose your spot in the cul de sac… be wary of your neighbor.

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